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ISBN : 978 – 955 – 0028 719
Author : Dinesh Kulatunga
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Publisher : Neptune Publications
Printed by : Printel
Language : English
Pages : 442          Size : 195 x 110 x 26 mm      Weight (kg) : 0.435
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Description : Info Travel-Sri Lanka

The most comprehensive and modern Sri Lankan Travel Guide. The book was first launched in June 2004 and since then has been publishing annually with updated information. Has an annual circulation of over 20,000 copies, in addition to free distribution. Info Travel Sri Lanka is popular amongst travelers as it gives accommodation details and places of interest across the country. The most special feature being the ‘linear road map’ which gives km to km information (Of Temples, Hospitals, Police stations, Garages, Tyre puncture repair places etc..) along all A-grade roads in Sri Lanka.

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Publisher’s note

New technology, including more sophisticated reservation systems and online information and maps present a huge challenge to printed travel guide books. Also, a bigger portion of travel and tourism products are purchased or booked directly from the ultimate supplier or mega online booking engines. Hence traditional travel agents and tour operators need to reinvent themselves, as does the guide books. Therefore, in order to meet such ever advancing technological trends, a mobile app for Info-Travel is underway.

Further, as we have noted, people are now likely to travel more than ever before, and we, the compilers of this guidebook, have experienced a very comfortable drive in many parts of the country during the past few months. You may find it difficult to follow the route maps as the KM posts on a few trunk roads are being reconstructed with some reconstructed stretches having no KM posts. Travelling around Sri Lanka has become a very interesting, educational and pleasurable pastime with better facilities such as vehicle options and a better network of roads. While foreign tourists visit seasonally, local tourists on their journeys are a common sight particularly during weekends and school vacations, as has been written about in past issues.

It is evident that the number of foreign and local travelers are increasing. Whether they are local or foreign, their needs and interests vary from party to party.

You may find that there is more information on places of interest and accommodation details in this edition. In addition, you may notice in this edition we have presented a lot of leisure activities available within the country.

Since we publish Info-Travel annually, we would appreciate your comments which could be very valuable in improving this work. Our web site, www. is constantly updated.

Besides the online version in English you could see other online translations in German, French and Japanese.

We are confident that you will make good use of this publication to plan and enjoy your journeys in Sri Lanka.

Dinesh Kulatunga
Neptune Publications (Pvt) Limited

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Weight 0.435 kg
Dimensions 195 x 110 x 26 mm


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