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Author : Dinesh Kulatunga
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The most comprehensive and modern Sri Lankan Travel Guide. The book was first launched in June 2004 and since then has been publishing annually with updated information. Has an annual circulation of over 20,000 copies, in addition to free distribution. Info Travel Sri Lanka is popular amongst travelers as it gives accommodation details and places of interest across the country. The most special feature being the ‘linear road map’ which gives km to km information (Of Temples, Hospitals, Police stations, Garages, Tyre puncture repair places etc..) along all A-grade roads in Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka offers a different aspect of her personality – exotic, extravagant, elegant, eclectic — to each traveller to the country. In this section, we aim to help you choose that particular experience which will shape your vision of the country.

Publisher’s note

Throughout last year we received thousands of comments and after an extensive evaluation we were able to accommodate most of them, that the size be more user friendly, more in the style of a pocket guide book. As such we appreciate the support we got from our advertisers who wholeheartedly agreed to the change.
We are also pleased to announce to our readers that our website has been improved with many new features for your convenience, which is also good news for our sponsors.


As we have repeatedly mentioned, Sri Lanka is a country many love to visit, offering holidaymakers an array of activities to experience – nature, culture and people. Accommodation is available from star class to medium and budget range which we have categorized accordingly. Other conveniences include home stay units and holiday bungalows. Heritage sites, beaches, national parks, hills, and activities such as camping, boating, water sports, health care activities, and meditation, all make Sri Lanka a land like no other.


You will find that this guide book is not a mere advertisers’ forum though we need their contribution to bring this information to you. We give maximum possible exposure to them as our partners.


We are happy to see Infotravel at World Travel Markets in London and Frankfurt, as well as in bookshelves all over the country. Readers are most welcome to comment on our efforts towards promoting Sri Lanka on


Happy Journey !!!
Dinesh Kulatunga

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