Writers who are interested in getting their manuscripts published kindly fill the enquiry form  and e-mail the same to us, with list of contents and one/two sample chapters for the proposed manuscript. We assure to get back to you at the earliest possible.

Currently we are interested in subjects and writers that fall within the following subject areas.

  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Politics
  • Social Science
  • Travel
  • Fictions – Novels and short stories

Welcome writers !!!

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Acceptable file types: pdf.
Maximum file size: 50mb.


Once the title is accepted for publication the writer needs to sign an agreement with the publisher and send his/her manuscript to us, in word format and before dispatching the same please ensure the followings:

Soft (CD/DVD format) and printed copy of original manuscript with final table of contents should be send.
All the chapters should have the chapter number, chapter title, author/contributors name and each chapter should be saved in a separate folder containing all figures, flowcharts, tables, references.
All figures, flowcharts, tables, references should be cited (reference to the figure in the text) in the text. Also include a list explaining where each image should go in your manuscript.
Any Images / illustrations to scan or create in 300dpi resolution and these should be saved in jpg/tiff files. If possible please send us the original photographs/images, which are to be included in your publication.
If the photographs/images/figures/illustrations have been taken from different sources then kindly ensure to take the permission from the principal publisher or author whosoever owns the copyright for the same.
All figures should have captions and should be properly labelled (if required).
List of all abbreviations used in the books should also be enclosed.
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